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Micro-surfacing, a cost-effective pavement maintenance process used by DOT's and municipalities across the country, is a design mixture of polymer-modified asphalt emulsion, crushed aggregate, mineral fillers, water, and additives.  The mixture is properly proportioned, mixed, and uniformly spread over a suitably prepared surface.  

Micro-Surfacing Advantage
  • Provides a quality wearing surface
  • Extends pavement life
  • Excellent macro texture / skid resistance
  • Rapid setting -  minimum user delay
  • Night-time placement
  • Extremely effective rut-fill treatment
  • Seals out moisture
  • Resists rutting and shoving
  • No utility casting adjustments
  • Extends maintenance dollars
  • Can be warranted

Item 421 Micro-Surfacing
Item 421.05 Mixing Equipment

International Slurry Seal Association


Micro-Surfacing Mixing & Application Process
Screening Aggregate Is Critical Prior To Application
Micro-Surfacing Screed & Application Process
Micro-Surfacing Goes Down Brown, Dries Black
Long Lasting, Skid Resistant, Durable Surface
ODOT - US36 A Cost-Effective In Between The Lane Line PM Treatment
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