Fog Seal

Fog seal is an inexpensive treatment to surface seal a pavement and protect it from elements. A light spray  of asphalt emulsion is applied to the pavement to seal the voids and prevent further deterioration due to oxidation and moisture. A timely fog seal can effectively stop raveling and moisture damage and improve and extend service life of a pavement.

Fog seals can also be used  to enhance color and reduce dust in new chip seal pavements. Fog seals are best suited for pavements displaying low-to-moderate distress. Fog seals are used on both low and high volume roads.

Fog Seal Advantage
  • Protects old oxidized asphalt surfaces
  • Seals small cracks and surface voids
  • Significantly reduces dust in chip seals 
  • Blackens new chip seals
  • Prevents raveling of open-graded surfaces
  • Maintains and delineates shoulders in high-volume roads

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Fog Seal Emulsion Spray Seals Small Surface Cracks And Reduces Moisture Damage
Fog Seal Enhances Color And Rejuvenates Old Pavement
Fog Seal Can Be An Effective Treatment For Most Roadways