DuraChip® is a very cost-effective treatment for moderate to higher volume ADT roads that otherwise may require hot mix repaving.  DuraChip® is an excellent choice for structurally sound pavements that may not be suitable for slurry seal or micro-surfacing due to age-related oxidation and cracking.

Higher polymer content allows for greater shot rates than typical chip seal, resulting in better sealing properties and chip retention.  Crushed aggregate is placed over a  spray of highly polymerized asphalt emulsion, then rolled and swept. Fog Seal is applied as a final treatment to further lock in aggregate, minimize dust, and improve aesthetics.


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DuraChip® Advantage
  • Engineered chip seal designed for moderate to higher volume ADT
  • Higher asphalt residue for superior adhesion and performance
  • 0.4gal/sy-0.5gal/sy shot rate for increased film thickness and sealing
  • Higher polymer content:
Increases aggregate retention
Reduces flushing and bleeding
Minimizes tracking
  • Greater ductility provides superior strength and resistance to reflective cracking
  • Elastomeric characteristics provide better performance in extreme temperatures
  • Extremely cost-effective
  • Protects existing pavement from oxidation, aging, water intrusion, and traffic wear
  • Rejuvenates old pavement and provides a long service life
  • Improves skid resistance
  • Minimum user delay costs
  • Fog Seal minimizes dust and improves aesthetics

Six Steps To A Better Chip Seal

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DuraChip Emulsion Sprayed By Computer Controlled Distributor
Aggregate Specifically Designed For DuraChip Binder Applied At A Predetermined Rate
DuraChip Provides Higher Asphalt Residue For Longer Lasting Pavements
DuraChip With Fog Seal Provides Superior Performance And Appearance
Ancient Chip Seal
We've come a long way!
Today's DuraChip® Technology