American Pavements, Inc
We are a family owned company that has been in business for more than 25 years providing pavement maintenance solutions.  We specialize in delivering competitive and cost-effective treatments to our customers who include  departments of transportation and all levels of municipal agencies, as well as institutions and industry.

What We Offer

Our pavement maintenance products and processes include micro-surfacing, slurry seal, RCRI (Reflective Crack Retarding Interlayer) and SPARS (Spray Polymer Asphalt Repair System).  We also apply engineered chip seals (DuraChip®) and various crack sealants.  

Who We Serve

Headquartered in Plain City, Ohio, we are well positioned to serve clients throughout Ohio and the surrounding states.  Please include us on your bidders' list so that we may provide a competitive bid for your pavement maintenance projects.

API Headquarters

7475 Montgomery Drive               Plain City, Ohio 43064                    Phone 614.873.2191               Fax 614.873.5850